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Playing the UK Lottery Thunderball

The Thunderball is an exciting and fun game under the UK lottery. For players to win a price in the thunder ball they have to match the Thunderball. It is precisely a game for the lottery player who believes that they have a lucky number.

The Thunderball plays along the lotto every Wednesday and Saturday. The entry requirement for the lottery is that you should be sixteen and purchase the £ 1 ticket. The prices for the Thunderball range from £5 up to £250000.

Playing the Thunderball commences with the lottery player picking five numbers between the numbers 1 to 34. The Thunderball number is separate to the number that consists of numbers 1 to 14. Matching the Thunderball numbers is the key to winning the lottery.

The fun part is that by matching even one of the numbers and the Thunderball will guarantee you a prize. The player takes home the jackpot by matching all the five numbers plus the thunder ball number.